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Matplotlib for Machine Learning

Learn the basics of matplotlib in 1h. You'll make your first plots with a toy machine learning example.

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Numpy Crash Course for Machine Learning

Learn the minimum numpy needed to get started with machine learning (1h course)

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Python Crash Course for Machine Learning

You want to get started with machine learning but you don't know python? You're at the right place! (1h course)

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Jupyter Notebooks in Web Pages

Learn how to integrate jupyter notebooks in a web page, and how to highlight code and show nice equations.

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Show your Data in a Google Map with Python

Learn how to create an interactive display for geographical data with python. As an example, we'll look at real-estate prices near Geneva.

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Interactive Visualization with Bokeh in a Jupyter Notebook

Visualization is absolutely essential in data analysis, as it allows you to directly feed your data into a powerful neural network for unsupervised learning: your brain. Learn how to use bokeh to dig deeper in your data!

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MongoDB in 10' : Fill with python, Read with pandas

If you're working with data, you need a database! Set up your first MongoDB server, store data with python, and analyze it with pandas in a jupyter notebook.

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Remote jupyter notebooks with ssh port forwarding

Got a nice machine for data science at work? Wanna work from home? Access your jupyter notebooks remotely with ssh port forwarding.

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