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Sentiment Analysis with a deep convolutional network (yelp dataset part 3)

Sentiment analysis is an important application of natural language processing, as it makes it possible to predict what a person thinks given the text she has written. Let's do that with a deep convolutional network on the large yelp dataset.

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Word Embedding and Sentiment Analysis (IMDB)

Word embedding is essential in natural language processing with deep learning. This technique allows the network to learn about the meaning of the words. In this post, we classify movie reviews in the IMDB dataset as positive or negative, and provide a visual illustration of embedding.

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Text Preprocessing For Machine Learning (yelp dataset part 2)

The yelp dataset is large, and it's in text format. Here are detailed explanations and all the code needed to convert it to a numpy array for machine learning.

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Simple Text Mining with Pandas (yelp dataset part 1)

This is the start of a series of tutorials about natural language processing (NLP). In other words, we're going to teach the machine how to read! First, we'll see how to do simple text mining on the yelp dataset with pandas.

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