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colin, object detection with yolov3

Welcome to this blog!

I’m Colin, a particle physicist involved in the CMS experiment at CERN. I participated in the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, and in showing evidence that the Higgs field is responsible for giving mass to matter particles.

display of a collision from the CMS experiment at CERN

After spending the past 20 years doing data analysis, machine learning, and software development in high-energy physics, I’m now more interested into interdisciplinary research and applications revolving around these techniques.

Recently, I've founded the startup cynapps.ai, which aims at bringing data science and AI to companies, big and small, to help them find new ways to grow. And I'm teaching data science and machine learning.

I hope you find this blog helpful, and wish you a lot of fun!

Colin Bernet

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