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Data Science and Machine Learning with python


I'm Colin, CNRS researcher, particle physicist at CERN, and CTO of Cynapps.

You'd like to get started with machine learning and data science?

You're at the right place.

No need for a university degree, or a strong background in programming. Just dive in!

Tim Manhalter


It rules! Learn just what you need for data science and machine learning.


Python Crash Course for Machine Learning

You want to get started with machine learning but you don't know python? You're at the right place! (1h course)


Numpy Crash Course for Machine Learning

Learn the minimum numpy needed to get started with machine learning (1h course)


Matplotlib for Machine Learning

Learn the basics of matplotlib in 1h. You'll make your first plots with a toy machine learning example.

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Machine Learning

Basics of machine learning and neural networks, unsupervised learning.


Handwritten Digit Recognition with scikit-learn

Create a first simple neural network to classify handwritten digits.


The 1-Neuron Network: Logistic Regression

The most simple neural network. Learn how a neuron is working.


Logistic Regression vs Neural Network: Non Linearities

What are non-linearities and how hidden neural network layers handle them.

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h heyerlein

Deep learning

Build your first deep neural networks, and learn advanced techniques such as transfer learning.


First Neural Network with Keras

Keras is easy and powerful. Give it a try by training your first neural net to classify handwritten digits.


Image Recognition: Dogs vs Cats! (92%)

Classify dog and cat pictures with a 92% accuracy with a deep convolutional neural network.


Image Recognition with Transfer Learning (98.5%)

Use transfer learning to easily classify dog and cat pictures with a 98.5% accuracy.

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Data Science

Statistics, data preparation, databases, you name it


Remote jupyter notebooks with ssh port forwarding

Stay at home and flatten the curve!


COVID-19 Analysis: Uncertainties

Learn how to analyse the COVID-19 data from JHU by yourself, with a proper treatment of the uncertainties.


MongoDB in 10' : Fill with python, Read with pandas

Set up your first MongoDB server, store data with python, and analyze it with pandas in a jupyter notebook.

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Lucas Clara


Visualize your data before and after machine learning


COVID-19 Analysis

Analyse the COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University by yourself with python (pandas, holoviews, matplotlib)


Show your Data in a Google Map with Python

Create an interactive display for geographical data with python: real-estate prices near Geneva.


Choropleth Maps in Python

Create a choropleth map with geoviews and geopandas.

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Accelerated Computing

Python is slow? Nope.


Make python fast with numba

Python is an interpreted language, so it's flexible and easy to use, but it can be slow. Learn how to make it 100 times faster by compiling it for your machine, with just one line of additional code. Notebook ready to run on the Google Colab platform


Boost python with your GPU (numba+CUDA)

Use python to drive your GPU with CUDA for accelerated, parallel computing. Notebook ready to run on the Google Colab platform


CUDA kernels in python

Write your own CUDA kernels in python to accelerate your computing on the GPU. Notebook ready to run on the Google Colab platform

Mathew Schwartz

Internet Of Things

Raspberry pis, microcontrolers, sensors, and how to communicate with them


Fast Minimal Install of a Raspberry Pi

Set up a raspberry pi with the software you need and nothing else in less than 10 minutes!


Raspberry pi Zero W : Headless Install

Cute little computer with Wifi access. Easy recipe for a headless install of raspbian lite, without screen and keyboard.


Data pipeline with Docker, InfluxDB, and Grafana

Set up a typical data pipeline as may be used in experimental science and IOT, with Docker, InfluxDB, and Grafana.