boosting python with numba and cuda

Boost python with your GPU (numba+CUDA)

Use python to drive your GPU with CUDA for accelerated, parallel computing. Notebook ready to run on the Google Colab platform

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accelerating python with numba

Make python fast with numba

Python is an interpreted language, so it's flexible and easy to use, but it can be slow. Learn how to make it 100 times faster by compiling it for your machine, with just one line of additional code. Notebook ready to run on the Google Colab platform

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Interactive Visualization with Bokeh

Interactive Visualization with Bokeh

Visualization is absolutely essential in data analysis, as it allows you to directly feed your data into a powerful neural network for unsupervised learning: your brain. Learn how to use bokeh to dig deeper in your data!

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remote mongoDB connection

MongoDB : Remote Access (raspberry pi)

With this uncomplicated recipe, you will learn how to manage ports on your raspberry pi (or any Debian), and how to enable remote access to your database server. The installation of mongodb on the pi is also covered.

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connecting to mongoDB from a jupyter notebook

MongoDB in 10' : Fill with python, Read with pandas

Set up your first MongoDB server, store data with python, and analyze it with pandas in a jupyter notebook.

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rsync on windows with WSL

Backup with rsync on Windows (WSL)

rsync is a great backup tool, maybe the best. Learn how to use it in Windows, on a debian machine running with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

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raspberry pi zero W

Raspberry pi Zero W : Headless Install

Cute little computer with Wifi access. Easy recipe for a headless install of raspbian lite, without screen and keyboard.

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raspberry pi 3B+

Fast Minimal Install of a Raspberry Pi

Set up a raspberry pi with the software you need and nothing else in less than 10 minutes!

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real time person detection with colin

Real-time Human Detection with OpenCV

Let's use the HOG algorithm implemented in OpenCV to detect people in real time in a video stream!

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yolov3 object detection: cars, people, old truck

Object detection with darknet (YOLOv3)

Learn how to use darknet to detect objects in images with YOLOv3

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